Vermont Cheesemakers' Festival 2015

Vermont Cheesemakers Festival 2015

Vermont Cheesemakers Festival 2015

Who likes cheese?

What about craft beer? Local wine? Any artisan food? What about just some fancy-ass whiskey?

Of course you do (if you didn't say yes to even just one of those, you're lying to me).

Want to spend an entire summer day hanging out outside, eating cheese, drinking wine, and literally just forgetting that there's anything else in the entire world that matters?

Sure do!

This place does exist. And it's called the Vermont Cheesemakers' Festival!

Conveniently, it lands on the same weekend as the Vermont Brewers Festival. Yes, you can literally drink beer all day on Saturday and nurse your hangover with cheese, bread, and smoked meats on Sunday (my personal plan). Does life get better? I submit that it cannot. So, I suggest grabbing a group of friends and heading to Shelburne on Sunday, July 19th. See ya there!

PS. My excitement might sound like I'm trying to sell this to you, but I'm absolutely not being paid to say any of this. Promise. I, like many, just feel this crazy strong passion obsession with anything that supports our Vermont farms and producers. I also just really like cheese. And this event is always super fun. Yay!