Smoothie Bowl (read: "Best Breakfast Ever")



So.....let me just cut to the chase...Ice cream for breakfast anyone?

No, just trust me. This may or may not be a product of my incessant craving for ice cream at all hours. My love knows no bounds.

Let's try to make it at least a little bit more socially acceptable for breakfast. You've probably seen this trick before: Frozen bananas magically make a texture that, when prepared just right, resembles that of creamy, delicious ice cream. Don't like bananas? Not so fast -- that flavor is quickly diminished with the addition of an ingredient or two! Don't knock it before you try it!

Smoothie bowls are freaking awesome, because it's basically a wicked thick smoothie (soft-serve consistency) that you can pretty-up with toppings. Some fruit, some superfood protein, and maybe a couple chocolate chips? Yes.



For me, breakfast isn't breakfast without some protein. Staying full until lunch isn't exactly something I'm good at. So, I have chosen to add some Shakeology to the base. Shakeology is, hands down, the best protein powder I can find. Why? Because it's not just a protein powder, but a daily multi-vitamin, probiotics, and superfoods all up in there too.



The trick to getting your ice cream base just right is in the blend. This is best achieved through a food processor or a powerful blender. Y'all know how much I love my Vitamix, but before this lovely piece of kitchen equipment changed my life, I used a simple food processor and it worked great as well!

With a Vitamix (or other powerful blender), use the tamper to push the frozen bananas down into the blades until the desired textured is achieved. This only takes about 45 seconds. If you're adding other ingredients to the ice cream base (to change up the flavor), make sure to add these at the bottom, near the blades, before blending OR add them in just before you finish blending the bananas.

With a food processor, just be sure to stop the machine and scrape down the sides until the texture is reached. If you're adding other ingredients to the base, just add them after the bananas have turned into a crumbly texture. Then keep processing (and perhaps scraping down the container if necessary) until smooth and wonderful.


Make the strawberry base by adding your almond milk (or any milk of choice...or water if you prefer) and Shakeology into your blender/food processor and blend up. Then add your bananas and watch the magic happen.

This morning, I thought that cacao nibs, oats, and chia seeds would be perfect -- I also added some saigon cinnamon for spice!

smoothiebowl_4 smoothiebowl_5

Cacao nibs are my new favorite. I know...little late on that bandwagon, huh? The first time I tried them, I just grabbed a handful and tossed 'em back. Just like little cocoa chips right? Wrong. The taste? Absolutely vile. Well...everything deserves a second chance (and I had tons of them left) -- they are absolutely amazing when added to something sweet. The sweetness brings out the chocolate flavor and viola! Not to mention the superfood benefits (more on this later)!


Enjoy the best breakfast ever!

Smoothie Bowl (read: "Best Breakfast Ever")
  • 1-2 Frozen bananas (peeled, chopped, frozen)
  • 1/2 scoop Strawberry Shakeology
  • 1/2 cup Milk of choice
  • Toppings!
  1. Blend milk and Shakeology
  2. Add in frozen bananas. Use the tamper to push bananas into the blades (or pulse the food processor, scraping down the sides when needed) until ice cream consistency is reached
  3. Place in a bowl and add toppings!


EatJordan LaCount