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fix_sick_5 Been a little MIA lately -- sorry about that! I have been feeling like a bunch of butts, guys -- you know, the whole "Summer-to-Fall-transitional-feel-like-crap-for-a-week-with-semi-cold-and-flu-symptoms". When I begin to feel subpar, I always turn to my kitchen to seriously speed up the healing process.

Being sick? Ain't nobody got time for that.

When you're starting to feel under the weather -- tired, a bit achy, sore throat, runny nose, the works...there are plenty of solutions that don't include going to the drug store and buying $20 worth of chemicals to mask the symptoms. From my experience, these natural solutions have actually shortened the duration of the illness drastically if you use them at the first sign of your symptoms.

Even better, you probably already have all these items in your pantry. No going out to the store when you're feeling crummy (and interrupting your sick-day Netflix marathon) -- awesome!



Garlic is awesome. I mean, tell me something I don't know, am I right?? Besides being a wondrous addition to (most) meals, it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and boosts your immune system. After consuming the garlic, it's oils are excreted through your lungs which helps it drastically reduce the duration of your cold/flu symptoms.

Method: Literally, cut up a clove of garlic and eat it. It's strong, but the stronger the better! Can't deal with it straight-up? Put it on top of some toast with butter. I do this ASAP when starting to feel yucky, and then once a day until I'm feeling better (usually only have to do it once or twice!).



Lemons are often used for their antibacterial properties. They also can alleviate a sore throat and fever.

Method: Making some lemon water is super detoxifying and hydrating. Make a big batch and store in the fridge overnight. Drink up!


Raw Honey

Raw honey has strong antibacterial properties (it is often used when treating wounds, because it reduces swelling, inflammation, and can prevent infection). It can also help ease a sore throat. Plus, if you're experiencing some seasonal allergies, consuming a spoonful of local raw honey can help these symptoms (the honey contains traces of the pollen in your region -- consuming some each day provides a sort of immunotherapy and can desensitize you to the pollen).

Method: Add some to your tea (make it echinacea when you're feeling crummy!) or just enjoy a spoonful!


Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is an alkalizer and alkaline environments aren't hospitable for viruses and bacterial infections.

Method: Shots! Like the ones from college -- still pretty disgusting, but...healthier. To make it a bit more palatable, I make a little concoction of 1 oz of ACV (or 2 oz if I can handle it at the time), a spoonful of raw honey, a couple slices of lemon, and a cup or so of water. Not exactly the most delicious cocktail, but 2-3 of these on the first day of symptoms and you'll be ready for a tastier cocktail in no time.


None of these solutions will taste bubblegum sweet like the stuff at the drug store...But these natural cures will accelerate healing time and not just mask the symptoms!

Remember, it's just garlic, lemon, ACV, and honey -- it won't hurt your system to take it even if you aren't sick!

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