G&T Mint & Lime Coconut Water Cubes



Last call on summer beverages!

The time has come for just one last sweet, summer-y, it's-5-o'clock-somwhere concoction. Here in Vermont it seems that, though the outdoor farmers market is still going and you don't have to wear a coat outside (yet), the last of the summer breezes have passed on through...

Le sigh....

By mid-September the transition into all-pumpkin-errthang is in full effect -- Pumpkin Spice coffee is already an option, every beer company has released their Fall variety packs, and I'm already seeing winter squashes at the farm stand.

As exciting as this all is, would it be too much to ask to hold off until it's at least acceptable pants-wearing weather outside again?

again, le sigh....


Something that screams summer (though is perfectly easy to do year-round): ice cubes with stuff in them. Ya know, the first thing you ever saw on Pinterest that you thought "Oh hell yes, this is so easy, I'm soooooo doing this" Did you ever get around to actually doing it? Yeah, me either.

The thing is, I'm not really sure why I never did this until now -- it's not just a way to make your beverages pretty, but it actually can be used as an ingredient.

In this particular concoction, the coconut water adds some sweetness to the Gin & Tonic without being overbearing. As the cubes melt into the drink a bit more, you get some refreshing mint and a hit of lime, because...what drink isn't better with a little of these two?

So, cheers, here's to Pinterest finds, and here's to doing it!


The secret to perfectly wonderful frozen cubes of anything are these silicone ice cube trays. No, not the ones near the register at Ikea, or the ones from the dollar store (sorry guys...I have personally tried these cheap options and they just don't work). Just go to your local kitchen store, or hop on Amazon, (I got these ones)and get the real thing. Trust me....after using those cheap ones I can confidently say it's one of my favorite kitchen utensils -- you can use these guys for way more than just ice cubes!

Cut up your lime into small pieces and add them to the bottom of the tray moulds. Then put a few mint leaves on top and top it off with the coconut water.


After freezing, just pop a few cubes out into your glass, add your Gin and your Tonic, and drink up! I never measure out my liquids when making drinks, but if I'm at all paying attention (read: making the drink for someone who'll be offended by a drink that's too strong) I'll follow my own personal (and very un-official) rule of 1 part liquor, 2 parts other liquid. So, 1 part Gin, 2 parts Tonic....or you can do 2 parts Gin, 1 part Tonic -- hey, I'm not judging!

{{ NOTE ON GIN: Come on guys, just get something decent. That means no plastic! It's just soooo much tastier this way! }}


{{ NOTE: Want to feel compelled to drink faster? Use these cute paper straws -- they won't stand a chance in the hands of a person who nurses their drinks. Like I said before, drink UP! }}

G&T Mint & Lime Coconut Water Cubes
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 Lime
  • Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Coconut Water
  • Gin (good quality, no plastic, just do it)
  • Tonic Water
  1. Quarter your lime, and cut quarters into smaller slices
  2. Add slices to the bottom of your ice cube tray moulds
  3. Add a few mint leaves to each tray mould
  4. Fill each mould with coconut water and freeze
  5. When frozen, pop a few cubes out and add to each glass
  6. Mix your Gin & Tonic the way you like it and enjoy!