Gift Guide: For the Home Bartender


FOOD52_BAR_textIt's the most wonderful empty-my-bank-account time of year!

This has nothing to do with a deep-seated rampant consumerism issue, but that I'm now at the age where you feel an intense urge to be a semi-adult and get everyone you'll encounter in the month of December a gift. That's a lot of people. That's a lot of gifts. Phew...

These next few guides might give you some good ideas for those people on your list. I promise everything will be beautiful, as well as functional, and span a range of budgets.

This list contains some essentials for a solid home bar. With the right tools, making your own drinks is way more fun, and delicious, than any from the bar.

  1. Not more watered down bourbon! This is on my wish list for sure! // Whiskey Rocks
  2. Stop half-assing it with a fork. This works better. // Muddler
  3. Spicy. A little sweet. Super concentrated flavor for cocktails. // Spicy Ginger Shrub
  4. Do the trendiest drink-of-the-moment the right way. // Moscow Mule Copper Cups
  5. You're officially a home bartender now. // Cocktail Shaker
  6. Serve your guests in style! // Wooden Tray
  7. Keeps 64oz. of your beer cold and carbonated. Plus, it looks way cooler than the one from the brewery. // Slip Cast Grigri Growler
  8. Add some lemonade & vodka -- perfection. // Old Fashioned Sweet Tea
  9. Water-resistant and engineered just for your cocktail uses.  // Jackson Cannon Bar Knife
  10. Super slick and replaces that old lighter trick (that I still have yet to master anyways). // Walnut Bottle Opener