Gift Guide: DIY Gifts


Photo from A Beautiful Mess One of my favorite (favorite, favorite!) blogs is A Beautiful Mess. Full of DIYs, crafts, recipes, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips -- Elsie and Emma lead a talented team of bloggers and photographers. I have even used their DIYs to create some cool stuff (like this awesome cart).

Slowly, I have been compiling a list of DIY gifts for this holiday season. When handmade gifts are thoughtfully executed they feel so special and personal. Here are some great ideas for this gift-giving season!


Infused Olive Oil

This gift is wicked easy, inexpensive to make, and can be dressed up in a nice bottle. You can follow the DIY exactly and make a spicy oil, or, instead, customize the flavor with herbs or garlic. I love how practical this gift is for anyone's kitchen! // See DIY here →

Homemade Cookie Butter

That speculoos cookie butter has gotten super popular, and when I found this A Beautiful Mess DIY to make different kinds of cookie butters I was ecstatic! Dress up the jars and they make a perfect gift! // See DIY here →

Hand-Stamped Necklaces

A thoughtful gift for the best friend, sibling, or mother! Prefer a bracelet? Want to make a matching set? Here's the tutorial for the hand-stamped bracelet! // See DIY here →

Infused Sugars

These infused sugars are perfect for adding to coffee, tea, or to rim your cocktail glasses! // See DIY here →

Crocheted Cowl

Warm and cozy things always feel better when they come in gift form. I don't know why, but all my warmest blankets and scarves came as gifts! And don't be intimidated -- this is a really good first crochet project for the novice. // See DIY here →

Homemade Soap

So, this one might sound lame, but the outcoming will be anything but lame, because you can create unique scent combinations and wrap it in pretty ribbons and paper. The Spiced Latte version is a great holiday scent! // See DIY here →

Custom Flask

Not into the selection at Spencers? A flask with Bitch spelled out in pink rhinestones isn't exactly what you want to pull out of your purse? Make your own, and make it classy as hell. See DIY here →

Flavored Butters

I'm definitely making these this year. This DIY contains a honey flavor and a chipotle flavor, and I'm thinking of adding a maple flavor for my giftees! // See DIY here →


Creative Gift Wrapping

Wrapping the goods in some unique and pretty packaging makes gift-giving (and getting!) super special. These ideas will definitely take my traditional recycled-newspaper-wrapping to the next level! // See DIY here →

All photos & DIYs from A Beautiful Mess blog!