Fall_Hike_Stuff In the summer it's easy to get away with a fast-and-loose hiking style -- the dressed completely in cotton and take-your-shoes-off-and-go-barefoot kind. Once fall hits, though, you best be prepared for the cooler temps and earlier sunsets. Trade up your cotton for wool, and remember that headlamp just in case!

  1. Fall hiking means layers! Make one of those layers wool -- it's naturally moisture wicking and keeps you toasty warm (unlike cotton). This is one of my new favorite brands -- their stuff is just too cool.  // Wool Hoodie, Kuhl
  2. This growler is vacuum insulated, so it keeps hot things hot for 12+ hours, and cold things cold for 24+ hours! A camping & hiking essential! //  Insulated Growler, Miir
  3. Darn Tough has socks for all your adventuring needs. I can tell you from experience that they are, hands down, the best! //  Hike/Trek Socks, Darn Tough
  4. A quality blanket is crucial for the cooler temps. Once again, wool is the winner. I like to keep one in my car at all times just in case!  // Camp Blanket, Pendleton
  5. Earlier sunsets are upon us. I can't tell you how many times I have been in a situation (regardless of season) where a headlamp was exactly what I needed. Sure, the flashlight on your cellphone works, but it's best to leave your cellphone charged up when you enter the woods.  // Headlamp, Cabelas
  6. So, not a technical pack, but a pack like this is can take you from the trail to class to work. Multifunctional things are my favorite.  // Arbor Pack, Patagonia
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