HomeCleanerSpray_DIY Living in an apartment can be challenging -- sharing fridge space, getting the bills paid on time, making sure the recycling gets taken out on Monday night (or in a rush Tuesday morning), and who-the-hell-left-their-workout-socks-in-the-middle-of-the-living-room?! (Hint: It's always me. Sorry guys.)

Keeping very tidy and clean is especially tough in the kitchen. Three roommates (all with frequent guests) who all prepare 3 meals a day for themselves (and frequent guests) are destined for a disastrous kitchen at least once a week. It's just a reality. That doesn't mean that when it is finally sparkling clean, it has to be done with scary chemicals and non-biodegradable soaps. And yes, you could go to the store and grab up some natural cleaners, but that I'm betting you don't even have to go spend that money, because you probably have all THREE of the simple ingredients to make this natural all-purpose kitchen cleaner!


2 CUPS Water 1 CUP White Vinegar 5-10 Drops of Essential Oil of choice

Just pour into your spray bottle, shake up, and spray away!



I used Sweet Orange oil, because I love that scent in my kitchen, but you can totally use any essential oil that tickles your fancy!

Tea Tree, Lavender, and Lemon oils have strong antiseptic properties so one, or a combination of them, make great choices.


To go with my cleaning spray, I found these great natural sponges by the company TWIST!


Perfect for scrubbing down the counters, stove, and sink. I chose the TWIST Loofah Sponge, but there are tons of other unbleached, plastic free cleaning sponges, scour pads, and cloths to choose from. They are made from plants, dye-free, unbleached, and earth-friendly! As their website puts it:

it's totally plant based and compostable, just like the food it cleans up after. 

Love that!